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Korydallos is located in Greece
Location within the region
2011 Dimos Korydallou.png
Coordinates: 37°58′N 23°39′E / 37.967°N 23.650°E / 37.967; 23.650Coordinates: 37°58′N 23°39′E / 37.967°N 23.650°E / 37.967; 23.650
Admeenistrative regionAttica
Regional unitPiraeus
 • MayorStavros Kasimatis (PASOK)
 • Municipality4.324 km2 (1.670 sq mi)
30 m (100 ft)
 • Municipality
 • Municipality density15,000/km2 (38,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Postal code
181 xx
Aurie code(s)210
Vehicle registrationZ

Korydallos (Greek: Κορυδαλλός;[2] Laitin: Corydallus) is a municipality in the Piraeus regional unit, Greece. It is a wastren suburb o Piraeus. It is the hame o the Korydallos preeson. It sits on a muntain in the wast namit Aegaleo. It is locatit W o Athens, N o Piraeus an S o GR-8/E55 an Athinon Avenue.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

It wis foondit in auncient times, an wis ane o the 100 municipalities in auncient Attica at the end o the 6t century BC. Theophilos Corydalleus (1563–1646) wis a filosofer who livit in Corydallos. 200 years later, Korydallos wis kent as Koutsoukari frae the property awner o the greater aurie, Emmanouil Koutsikaris. Efter that it wis renamit intae Pachy or Pachi or Pahi frae the next awner (Pachinas). In 1923, the region wis renamit back intae its auncient name, Korydallos. The population in 1928 wis 2,500. In 1934, Korydallos became an autonomous commune till 1946 when it became a municipality an a ceety. The ceety nou boasts a population o 60,000.

Fermin uised tae dominate the commonty an hintle o the aurie wis an remains deforestit. The wastren hauf is rocky. The day, urbanization covers the sooth, central, wast-central an east.

Korydallos haes schuils, lyceums, heich schuils, banks, a post office, an mony squares (plateies). The main street Taxiarhon haes acome a weel kent shoppin centre wi mony fashion shops an boutiques.

Historical population[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Municipality
1981 61,313
1991 63,184
2001 67,456
2011 63,445

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References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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  2. Known as Παχύ, Pachy from the 1860s till 1923.

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