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Kimberly Clark Saenz

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Kimberly Clark Saenz
Ither namesKimberly Clark Fowler
ThriftUmwhile Nurse
Criminal charge
First-degree murther
Criminal penalty
Life impreesonment
VictimsFive confirmit
KintraUnitit States
Date apprehendit

Kimberly Clark Saenz, (born 3 November 1973)[1] kent as Kimberly Clark Fowler an aw, is a convictit serial killer.[2] She wis implicatit in the daiths o several patients at a Texas dialysis centre. The patients are thocht tae hae been injectit wi bleach which Saenz is allegit tae hae drawn up intae syringes an injectit intae the patients' dialysis lines.

Description[eedit | eedit soorce]

Saenz description at the time o her incarceration in 2012:[3]

  • Age: 38 (date of mugshot)
  • Race: White
  • Ethnicity: Nan Hispanic
  • Gender: Female
  • Hicht: 5 Ft. 3 In.
  • Wicht: 180 Lbs.
  • Ee Colour: Broun
  • Hair Colour: Broun

Backgrund[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 2008, at the time o the murthers, Kimberly Clark Saenz wis a 34-year auld licensed practical nourice.[4] Saenz wis marriet wi twa young childer. Saenz suffered frae substance dependence an uised stolen prescription medication.[4] Saenz haed been fired at least fower-times frae health care jobs an placit disinformation on an application for employment an socht a health care job in violation o the terms o her bail.[4]

Texas District Court[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 31 Mairch 2012, in Texas District Court Kimberly Clark Saenz a nourice wis foond guilty o the 2008 murthers o five kidney dialysis patients an injurin five ither patients.[5][6] On 2 Aprile 2012, the Angelina Coonty jury sentencit Saenz tae life impreesonment wi nae eligibility for parole an three 20-year sentences for aggravatit assault.[2]

The five murther victims wur: Clara Strange, Thelma Metcalf, Garlin Kelley, Cora Bryant an Opal Few.[7]

The twa eyewitness accoonts o Linda Hall an Leraline Hamilton confirmit that on 28 Aprile 2008, Saenz drew sodium hypochlorite, commonly kent as bleach, intae syringes an injectit the substance intae twa patients dialysis lines at the dialysis clinic awned bi DaVita in Lufkin, Texas.[8]

The Food and Drug Administration prepared a document confirmin that samples linkit tae some victims testit positive for bleach while ithers showed bleach "mey hae been present at ane time."[4]

Lufkin law enforcement officers testifee'd at the trial that thay arrestit Saenz for public intoxication an creeminal trespass.[9] Thir incidents relatit tae the domestic disturbances wi her husband, Mark Kevin Saenz.[9] The husband haed filed for divorce an haed obtained a restrainin order against Saenz in Juin 2007, juist ane year afore the clinic daiths and illnesses.[9]

The trial records reflectit that prior tae wirkin at DaVita, Saenz wis fired fae Woodland Heights hospital for stealin Demerol, which wis foond in her haundbag.[10] Saenz wis fired frae DaVita in Aprile 2008 efter the numerous daiths at the clinic. Saenz nursin licence eventually wis suspendit. Saenz then applee'd tae wirk as a receptionist in a Lufkin medical office an lee'd on her job application aboot previous employment.[9]

At the victim impact statement portion o the trial the dochter o victim Thelma Metcalf tauld Saenz, “You are nothing more than a psychopathic serial killer. I hope you burn in hell”.[11]

The prosecutor, Clyde Herrington, believit thare wur mair victims than juist the ten indictit cases, based on the research o the epidemiologist frae the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.[12] The epidemiologist statistically connected Saenz tae ither adverse health events tae patients.[12] Lufkin Polis detectives coud anerlie obtain medical waste frae twa weeks prior tae 28 Aprile 2008, sae thare wis inadequate evidence tae raise further indictments against Saenz in the ither incidents.[12]

Court o Appeal o Texas[eedit | eedit soorce]

Saenz defence team is plannin tae file an appeal tae the Twalt Court o Appeal o Texas.[13][14]

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