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The Kia Opirus is a full-size caur manufactured an marketed bi Kia Motors that wis launched in Aprile 2003 — an is marketed globally under various nameplates, prominently as the Amanti.

As Kia's first entry into the large-caur market, the Opirus/Amanti haes been marketed in a single trim level an anerlie as a sedan. It shares some components with its now-defunct corporate cousin, the Hyundai Grandeur XG, including its 3.5 L V6 engine.

2007 Kia Amanti

For 2007, the Kia Opirus received various upgrades, includin suspension an stylin revisions, an the addition o the same engine as the current Hyundai Grandeur (Azera), this time being a 3.8L V6 engine.

In the U.S., the Amanti wis recognized as the "Most Appealing Premium Midsize Caur" bi J.D. Power an Associates' 2005 Automotive Performance, Execution an Layout Study.

The 2007 Amanti outscored several luxury caurs in IIHS side-impact crash testing, to earn the highest ratin o Guid.

Successor[eedit | eedit soorce]

Main article: Kia Cadenza

The Kia VG concept (Kia KND-5, production model named Cadenza) wis reported tae be successor o Amanti, based on the platform for the next generation o Hyundai Azera.

The Kia Cadenza, offeecially unveiled on October 18, 2009, is completely redesigned to reflect Kia's new design style. The Cadenza will replace the Kia Amanti, an features mony features foond on more expensive luxury caurs, such as a heated steering wheel, pouer extendable seat cushions, automatic windshield defogger, an cooled front seats. Like the Amanti, the Opirus is anerlie equipped with an automatic transmission.