Kia Motors

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Kia Motors Corporation
Treddit as KRX: 000270
Industrie Automotive
Foondit 9 Juin 1957
Heidquarters Seoul, Sooth Korea
Aurie served
Key fowk
Hyoung-Keun (Hank) Lee, Vice Chairman an CEO
Peter Schreyer, Chief Design Officer
Products Automobiles
Luxury caurs
Commercial vehicles
Production ootpit
Increase 2,827,321 units (2013)[1]
Revenue Increase US$46.9 billion (2013)[2]
Increase US$ 3.1 billion (2013)[2]
Increase US$ 3.8 billion (2013)[2]
Tot assets Increase US$ 35.6 billion (2013)[2]
Tot equity Increase US$ 19.9 billion (2013)[2]
Awner Hyundai Motor Company (33.99%[3])
Nummer o employees
42,000 (as o November 2009)
Parent Hyundai Motor Group
Wabsteid—Kia Motors Model—U.S. site—Australian site
Kia Motors
Hangul 기아자동차
Hanja 起亞自動車
Revised Romanisation Gia Jadongcha
McCune–Reischauer Kia Chadongch'a

Kia Motors Company is a automobile manufacturer o the Sooth Korea, the first company o its kynd tae stairt production. It is currently the seicont lairgest Korean caur maker.

The wird Kia derives frae Korean wirds meanin “tae arise tae the warld oot o Asie.”

Wi its headquarters in Seoul, the company is pairtly awned bi the Hyundai Automotive Group.

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