Kia Joice

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Kia Joice
Kia Joice front 20080123.jpg
ManufacturerKia Motors
Cried an awKia Carstar
AssemblyUlsan, Sooth Korea
Bouk an chassis
ClessCompact MPV
Body style5-door wagon, 7-seater
LayootFF layoot
RelatitHyundai Santamo
Ingine2.0L 16V I4
Transmission5-speed manual
4-speed automatic
Wheelbase2,720 mm (107 in)
Lenth4,570 mm (180 in)
Weenth1,735 mm (68.3 in)
Hicht1,645 mm (64.8 in)
Crib wecht1,325 kg (2,921 lb)
SuccessorKia Carens
Rear o the Kia Joice

The Kia Joice, or Kia Carstar, is a compact MPV produced atween 1999 an 2003 bi the Sooth Korean manufacter Kia Motors. The vehicle wis a jynt ventur wi the Hyundai Motor Company. The Joice shared the same platform as a Hyundai Santamo. The vehicle haed a 2.0 litre petrol ingine that producit atween 120 an 139 horsepouer[1]. In 2001 a facelift wis introducit for the European mercat. In 2003, the Joice wis replacit bi the Kia Carens.

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