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Toun o Kharkhorin
View o Kharkhorin
View o Kharkhorin
Kharkhorin is located in Mongolia
Location in Mongolie
Coordinates: 47°11′50″N 102°49′26″E / 47.19722°N 102.82389°E / 47.19722; 102.82389
Kintra Mongolie
 • Total8,977
Time zoneUTC+8

Kharkhorin (Mongolie: Хархорин) is a toun an sum (destrict) center in the Övörkhangai Province in Mongolie. Sum population wis 13,828 (1994), 13,964 (2000), 13,496(2003). Kharkhorin ceety population is 8,977 (2003), ceety aurie is 20.5 km2.

Kharkhorin is locatit at the lawer end o the upper valley o the Orkhon River, pairt o the Warld Heritage Site Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape. The location marks the eastren fuithills o the Khangai Muntains, whaur thay meet the rollin steppe o central Mongolie.

Nearbi are the ruins o the auncient toun o Karakorum, which for a short time served as the caipital o the Mongol Empire unner Ogedei Khan. Anither laundmerk is the Erdene Zuu monastery.

The main soorces o income tae Kharkhorin are tourism an agricultur. Watter frae the Orkhon river serves tae irrigate the crops on the lairge plain east o the toun. The Kharkhorin Airport (KHR/ZMHH) haes ane unpaved runway an is served bi regular flichts frae an tae Ulan Bator.

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