Karl Jaspers

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Karl Jaspers
Karl Jaspers in 1946
Born23 Februar 1883(1883-02-23)
Oldenburg, Germany
Dee'd26 Februar 1969(1969-02-26) (aged 86)
Basel, Swisserland
Alma materHeidelberg Varsity
(MD, 1908)
Era20t-century philosophy
RegionWastren philosophy
SchuilNeo-Kantianism (early)[1]
Exeestentialism (late)
Exeestential phenomenology[2] (late)
Main interests
Psychiatry, theology, Philosophy o history
Notable ideas
Axial Age;
coinin the term Existenzphilosophie; Dasein an Existenz as the twa states o bein, subject–object split (Subjekt-Objekt-Spaltung); theory o communicative transcendence[1]

Karl Theodor Jaspers (German: [ˈjaspɐs]; 23 Februar 1883 – 26 Februar 1969) wis a German-Swiss psychiatrist an philosopher that haed a strang influence on modren theology, psychiatry, an philosophy. Efter bein trained in an practicin psychiatry, Jaspers turnt tae philosophical inquiry an attemptit tae diskiver an innovative philosophical system. He wis eften viewed as a major exponent o exeestentialism in Germany, tho he didnae tak tae this label.

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