Karelie leid

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Native taeRoushie, Finland
RegionRepublic o Karelie, Tver Oblast
Native speakers
(36,000 citit 1994–2010)[1]
Latin (Karelie alphabet) Cyrilic (Roushie)
Offeecial status
Recognised minority
leid in
Leid codes
ISO 639-2krl
ISO 639-3krl
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Karelie leid (karjala, karjal or kariela) is a Finnic leid spake maistly in the Roushie Republic o Karelie. Leenguistically Karelie is closely relatit tae the Finnish dialects spake in eastren Finland an some Finnish leenguists e'en classifee'd Karelie as a dialect o Finnish. Karelian isnae tae be ramfeeselt wi the Sootheastren dialects o Finnish, whiles referred tae as karjalaismurteet ('Karelie dialects') in Finland.[5]

Thare is nae single staundart Karelie leid. Ilka writer writes in Karelian accordin tae thair ain byleidal form. Three main written staundarts hae been developit, for North Karelie; Olonets Karelie; an Tver Karelian. Aw variants are written wi the Laitin-based Karelian alphabet, tho the Cyrillic script haes been uised in the past.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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