Kane (warstler)

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Kane in Apryle 2014.
Birth nameGlenn Thomas Jacobs[1]
Born (1967-04-26) 26 Aprile 1967 (age 57)[2][3]
Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain[2][3][4]
ResidenceJefferson City, Tennessee[5]
Spoose(s)Crystal Maurisa Goins (m. 1995)
Professional wrestlin career
Ring name(s)Angus King[6]
Bruiser Mastino[1]
Christmas Creature[1]
Isaac Yankem, DDS[1]
Mike Unabomb[1]
Billed hicht6 ft 8 in (2.03 m)[7]
Billed wicht323 lb (147 kg)[7]
Trained biDean Malenko
Dudley Dudley

Glenn Thomas Jacobs (born 26 Apryle 1967) is a Spaingie-born American profeesional warstler, actor an insurer.[8] He wirks for WWE, an is best kent bi his ring name Kane. Jacobs starred in his first featur film in 2006, wi the release o See No Evil. Jacobs began his profeesional warstlin career on the independent circuit in 1992. He warstled in promotions sic as Smoky Mountain Wrestling an the United States Wrestling Association afore jynin the World Wrestling Federation (nou WWE) in 1995. Jacobs played various chairacters til 1997, when he wis repackagit as Kane, the masked hauf-brither o The Undertaker, whom Jacobs wad alternatively feud or team wi as the Brothers of Destruction. Follaein his debut, Kane remained a pivotal component o the company's Attitude Era o the late 1990s an early 2000s, defeatin Stone Cold Steve Austin – describit as the "poster boy" o that era[9] – for the WWF Championship in his first pey-per-view main event at King of the Ring 1998. He haes continued tae heidline WWE pey-per-view cairds throu the mid 2010s.

Kane haes wan 18 tot championships durin his WWF/E career, includin bein a three-time warld champion (haein held the WWE Championship, ECW Championship, an World Heavyweight Championship ance each), an is a 12-time tag team champion an aw, haein held the WWF/World Tag Team Championship, WCW Tag Team Championship, an WWE Tag Team Championships wi various partners. He is a 2010 Money in the Bank winner.

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