Justin Mairtyr

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Saunt Justin Mairtyr
Saunt Justin Martyr
Flavia Neapolis, Samaria (modren-day Nablus)
Dee'd165 (aged 65)
Roum, Roman Empire
Veneratit inRoman Catholic Kirk
Anglican Communion
Eastren Orthodox Kirk
Oriental Orthodoxy
CanonisedPre-Congregation for the Causes o Saunts
Feast1 Juin (Roman Catholic Kirk, Eastren Orthodox Kirk, Anglican Communion)
14 Aprile (Roman Calendar, 1882–1969)

Saunt Justin (100–165), kent as Justin Mairtyr an aw, wis an early Christian apologist, an is regairdit as the foremaist interpreter o the theory o the Logos in the 2nt century.[2] He wis mairtyred, alangside some o his students, an is considered a saunt bi the Roman Catholic Kirk,[3] the Anglican Kirk,[4] an the Eastren Orthodox Kirk.[5]

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