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Jussi Ilmari Pajunen (b. September 5, 1954 in Helsinki) is a Finnish politeecian o the Naitional Coalition Pairty an mayor o Helsinki syne 2005.

He haes a B.Sc an M.Sc frae the Helsinki Schuil o Economics an MBA frae INSEAD in Fraunce.[1] He speaks Finnish, Swadish, Inglis, an French fluently. Pajunen wis a member o the Liberal Pairty an a sma group kent as Reform Pairty Liberals. He muivit tae the lairger Naitional Coalition Pairty in 1996. He wis a member o the ceety cooncil for 8 years, an wis the chairman o the ceety board in 2003-2005. He is the current mayor o Helsinki, Finland syne 2005.

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