Jung Destrict, Incheon

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Jung-gu incheon location.svg

Jung-gu, Korean: 중구; 中區) is a waird, a destrict in the ceety o Incheon, Sooth Korea. This is ane o the aicht destricts intae which Incheon is admeenistratively dividit.

Jung-gu is the historic pairt o Incheon an aw. It wis foondit in 1883, when the Jemulpo Port wis open. The waird contains multiple historical an cultural heritage monuments, such as the Dap-dong Cathedral , the Hongyemun Gate, The First Anglican Kirk, an the Jayu Pairk, which wis the first modren-style pairk built in Korea.

Incheon is the gateway tae the caipital, Seoul. In modren times Incheon port became a tradin port, haes at its centre, Jung-gu. Incheon port is truly an internaitional gatewey an Korea‘s seicont lairgest trade port. Jung-gu haes the warld’s finest internaitional airport - Incheon Internaitional Airport.

Admeenistrative diveesions o Incheon Jung-gu[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Sinpo-dong (dividit in turn intae Jungang-dong 1 tae 4 Ga, Haean-dong 1 tae 4 Ga, Gwandong 1 tae 3 Ga, Songhak-dong 1 tae 3 Ga, Sadong, Sinsaeng-dong, Dapdong, Sinpo-dong, Hangdong 1 tae 6 Ga an some portion o Hangdong 7-ga)
  • Yeonan-dong (dividit in turn intae some portions o Hangdong 7-ga and Bukseong-dong 1-ga)
  • Bukseong-dong (dividit in turn intae Bukseong-dong 2 an 3 Ga, some portion of Bukseong-dong 1-ga and Seollin-dong)
  • Sinheung-dong (dividit in turn intae Sinheung-dong 1 tae 3 Ga an Seonhwa-dong)
  • Yulmok-dong (dividit in turn intae Yulmok-dong an Yudong)
  • Dong Incheon-dong (dividit in turn intae Naedong, Gyeongdong, Yongdong, Inhyeon-dong, an Jeondong)
  • Yeongjong-dong, Yeongjong Island (dividit in turn intae Jungsan-dong, Unnam-dong an Unbuk-dong)
  • Unseo-dong, Yeongjong Island
  • Yongyu-dong, Yongyu Island (dividit in turn intae Eurwang-dong, Nambuk-dong, Deokgyo-dong an Muui-dong)
  • Songwol-dong 1 tae 3 Ga
  • Dowon-dong

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