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Judith Malina

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Judith Malina
Malina in Englewood, NJ, circa 2014
Born4 Juin 1926(1926-06-04)
Kiel, Germany
Dee'd10 Apryle 2015(2015-04-10) (aged 88)
Englewood, NJ, Unitit States
EddicationThe New School for Social Research
ThriftActor, director, writer
Kent forCo-foundin The Living Theatre

Judith Malina (Kiel, Germany, Juin 4, 1926 – Apryle 10, 2015) wis a German-born American Jewish theater an film actress, theatre director, playwricht, anarchist, pacifist, diarist, an poet. In 1947 she an her husband, Julian Beck, co-foondit The Living Theatre, a radical poleetical theatre troupe that rose tae prominence in New York Ceety an Europe durin the 1950s an 60s. Efter Beck's daith in 1985, she continued tae direct the troupe, first wi her seicont husband Hanon Reznikov as her co-director until his daith in 2008, an efterwards alane.

Her faither, Max Malina, wis a rabbi, an her mither wis Rosa ("Rosel") Malina, born Rosa Zamora. In 1929 thay an thair dochter Judith emigratit frae Germany tae New York tae escape the growin German antisemitism.

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