Joseph Bell

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Joseph Bell
Joseph Bell
Dr Joseph Bell
Born2 December 1837(1837-12-02)
Edinburgh, Scotland[1]
Dee'd4 October 1911(1911-10-04) (aged 73)
Milton Bridge, Midlowden, Scotland[1]
Restin place
Dean Seemetry, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
EddicationVarsity o Edinburgh Medical School
Hauf-marrae(s)Edith Katherine Erskine Murray (m. 1865, dee'd 1874)[1]
BairnsBenjamin Bell, 2 dochters[1]

Joseph Bell FRCSE (2 December 1837 – 4 October 1911) wis a Scots surgeon an lecturer at the medical schuil o the Varsity o Edinburgh in the 19t century. He graduated frae the Varsity o Edinburgh in 1859.[2]

Arthur Conan Doyle wis lectured bi Bell in 1877. Doyle's feectional detective chairacter Sherlock Holmes, introduced in 1887, wis based on Bell.[1][2]

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