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Arthur Conan Doyle

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Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle (22 Mey 1859, in Edinburgh – 7 Julie 1930, in Crowborough, East Sussex, Ingland) wis the Breetish owthor maist kent for his stories aboot the detective Sherlock Holmes that's aft considert a muckle innovation in the field o crime feection. He wis a thrang writer that's ither warks includes science feection stories, historical novelles, plays an romances, poetry, an nane-feection.

Early life

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Conan Doyle's birth place, 11 Picardy Place, Embro[1] his a plaque. His schullin wis at Jesuit schull, Stonyhurst College,[2] an Stella Matutina Jesuit schull in Feldkirch, Austrick.[2]

Arthur Conan Doyle birth place in Embro

Medical career

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Conan Doyle's surgery, 2 Upper Wimpole st, Marylebone, London

He studied medicine at the Varsity o Edinburgh (1876 –1881) an wis wirkin in touns in England: Sheffield, Aston, Ruyton.[3] Conan Doyle was mediciner oan whaul ship Hope tae Greenland oot o Peterheid.[4] He wis also oan the SS Mayumba as surgeon goin oot tae West Africa.[5] Efter studyin aboot medicine o the ee (opthalmology) in Vienna, he wirkit in London.

He had no owr mony patients, and sae had plentifu time fir his screivin. [6]

Leeterar career

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Conan Doyle's erest scrievin wis fir magazines an his erest Sherlock Holmes scrieve wis A Study in Scarlet (1887).

ArthurConanDoyle AStudyInScarlet


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List o aa Conan Doyle's warks (in Inglis).[1]

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