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Jorge Holguín
16t Preses o Colombie
In office
11 November 1921 – 7 August 1922
Precedit bi Marco Fidel Suárez
Succeedit bi Pedro Nel Ospina
11t Preses o Colombie
In office
27 Julie 1909 – 4 August 1909
Precedit bi Rafael Reyes
Succeedit bi Ramón González Valencia
Meenister o Foreign Affairs
In office
7 August 1918 – 16 September 1918
Preses Marco Fidel Suárez
Precedit bi Pedro Antonio Molina
Succeedit bi Pedro Antonio Molina
In office
Preses Miguel Antonio Caro
Precedit bi José Maria Uricoechea
Succeedit bi Antonio Gómez Restrepo
Meenister o Finance
In office
11 Mairch 1909 – 22 Mairch 1909
Preses Rafael Reyes
Precedit bi Camilo Torres Eliceche
Succeedit bi Nemesio Camacho
In office
7 August 1904 – 15 Dizember 1904
Preses Rafael Reyes
Precedit bi Carlos Arturo Torres
Succeedit bi Pedro Antonio Molina
Meenister o War
In office
22 Mairch 1909 – 7 Juin 1909
Preses Rafael Reyes
Precedit bi Eduardo Briceño
Succeedit bi Diego Euclides de Angulo
Personal details
Born Jorge Marcelo Holguín Mallarino
30 October 1848(1848-10-30)
Cali, Valle del Cauca, Republic o New Granada
Dee'd 2 Mairch 1928(1928-03-02) (aged 79)
Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombie
Naitionality Colombie
Poleetical pairty Conservative
Spoose(s) Cecilia Arboleda Mosquera
Relations Manuel María Mallarino (uncle)
Carlos Holguín Mallarino (brither)
Julio Arboleda Pombo (faither-in-law)
Bairns 12
Thrift Businessman, sodger, jurnalist, writer, an politeecian
Religion Roman Catholic
Militar service
Allegiance Colombie (Conservative Pairty)
Service/branch Airmy
Rank General
Battles/wars Colombie Ceevil War o 1876
Colombie Ceevil War o 1895
This name uises Spaingie namin customs; the first or paternal faimily name is Holguín an the seicont or maternal faimily name is Mallarino.

Jorge Marcelo Holguín Mallarino (30 October 1848 – 2 Mairch 1928) wis a Colombie politeecian an militar officer, twa time Actin Preses o Colombie for the periods atween Juin, 1909 tae August o the same year as interim preses, an frae November, 1921 tae August, 1922. He servit a term as Meenister Foreign Affairs in which he signed the Holguín-Avebury treaty an aw.

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