John Wayne Gacy

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John Wayne Gacy
Gacy with Rosalynn Carter in 1978
BornJohn Wayne Gacy, Jr.
17 Mairch 1942(1942-03-17)
Chicago, Illinois, Unitit States
Dee'd10 Mey 1994(1994-05-10) (aged 52)
Crest Hill, Illinois, Unitit States
Cause o daith
Executit (Lethal injection)
Criminal penalty
Sexual assault
Indecent liberties wi a child
Span o killins
3 January 1972–11 December 1978
KintraUnitit States
Date apprehendit
21 December 1978

John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (17 Mairch 1942 – 10 Mey 1994) wis an American serial killer an rapist who sexually assaultit an murthert at least 33 teenage boys an young men atween 1972 an 1978. Gacy buriet 26 o his victims in the crawl space o his hame, buriet three ithers elsewhare on his property, an discardit the remains o his last fower kent victims in a nearbi river. He wis convictit o 33 murthers an sentencit tae daith for 12 o thir killins. He wis executit on 10 Mey 1994.

Gacy later became known as the "Killer Cloun" due to his charitable services at fundraisin events, parades an childer's pairties whare he wad dress as "Pogo the Clown", a character he devisit hissel.

Early life[eedit | eedit soorce]

John Wayne Gacy wis born in Chicago, Illinois, the seicont o three childer born tae John Stanley Gacy (20 Juin 1900 – 25 December 1969) an Marion Elaine Robinson (4 Mey 1908 – 14 December 1989).[1][2][3] Gacy wis o Pols an Dens heritage. (His paternal grandparents haed been born in Poland.)[4][1] As a bairn, he wis owerwicht an nanathletic.

Gacy grew up wi a faither who beat him, cried him a homosexual an accuised him o seekin attention wi thair heal problems (John Wayne Gacy haed hert defect an suffered at times o blackoots efter a heid injury). Nivertheless Gacy luivit his faither an did iverything tae mak tae please him. 1964 Gacy marriet Marlynn Myers.

Gacy settled wi his wife in Waterloo, Iowa, whare he foond wirk at his faither-KFC restaurant. In marriage wur born twa childer, a son an a dochter. Gacy wis kent as a friendly an social man. When a rumor that Gacy wis homosexual an that he uised tae mak owerturs tae the boys who wirkit for him, spread in Waterloo, wis dismissed this as false. In December 1968 he wis sentencit, housomeivver, tae hae haed sex wi a boy. Accordin tae the boy, he wad hae been fooled tae bind, an then bein rapit bi Gacy. The court argued Gacy that this wis no true an that the boy greed tae sex for payment. Fower month later arrested a man named Dwight Anderson for haein abuisit the boy on behauf o Gacy. The court then ordered Gacy tae unnergo a psychiatric examination which showed that he wis healthy, but he haed a vera anti-social personality. Shortly efter this confession, Gacy wis chairgit an sentencit tae 10 years in preeson. His wife asked for an got a divorce an Gacy said he niver wantit tae see her or the kids again. In preeson, Gacy behavit exemplary. He wis pardoned efter 18 month an wis released on 18 Juin 1971.

efter release Gacy muivit tae his mither in Chicago an foond wirk as a ceuk. In Juin 1972 he marriet Carole Hoff, a mither o twa dochters. When his bisexuality gradually came tae affect the marriage, thay divorcit.

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