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Joan Crawford

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Joan Crawford
in 1936 photo bi George Hurrell
BornLucille Fay LeSueur
San Antonio, Texas, U.S.
Dee'dMey 10, 1977 (aged 73)
Manhattan, New York Ceety, U.S.
Restin place
Ferncliff Seemetry, Hartsdale, New York, U.S.
ThriftActress, dancer, business executive
Years active1925–1972
Bairns4, includin Christina Crawford
PawrentsThomas E. LeSueur
Anna Bell Johnson
KinHal LeSueur (brither)

Joan Crawford (born Lucille Fay LeSueur; (Mairch 23, 190?[Note 1] – Mey 10, 1977) wis an American film an telly actress wha begoud her career as a dancer an stage shawgirl. In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Crawford tent on its leet o the greatest female starns o Clessic Hollywood Cinema.

  1. Crawford's year o birth is uncertain as various soorces claim 1904, 1905, 1906 an 1908.[1] The 1910 census gae her age in Apryle 1910 as five year auld.[2] Crawford hersel claimed 1908 (the date on her lair-stane),[3] but maist modren biographers cite 1904 as the maist likely year.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12] Crawford's dauchter Christina, in the biografie Mommie Dearest (1978), states "1904" twice:

    "Publicly her birth date was reported as March 23, 1908, but Grandmother told me that she was actually born in 1904."[13]:20

    "My mother was born Lucille LeSueur in San Antonio, Texas, in 1904, although when she came to Hollywood she lied about her age and changed the year to 1908."[13]:66


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