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Jinotega (Nicaragua)
Jinotega Ceety (frae the sootheast).
Jinotega Ceety (frae the sootheast).
Jinotega (Nicaragua) is locatit in Nicaragua
Jinotega (Nicaragua)
Jinotega (Nicaragua)
Coordinates: 12°55′N 85°55′W / 12.917°N 85.917°W / 12.917; -85.917
Kintra Nicaragua
DepairtmentJinotega Depairtment
 • Municipality640.65 km2 (247.36 sq mi)
 • Municipality480,000
 • Metro

Jinotega, Nicaragua is the caipital o Jinotega Depairtment in the north central region o Nicaragua. It haes a population o aboot 51,000 (2005) livin inside a vast valley surroondit bi muntains. Located near Apanas Lake, Jinotega is kent as "La Ciudad de las Brumas" ("Ceety o Mists") for the magnificent whisks o clouds continuously featherin through the top o the valley.

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