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Jim Mather

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Jim Mather
Member o the Scottish Pairlament
for Argyll and Bute
In office
3 May 2007 – 22 March 2011
Precedit biGeorge Lyon
Succeedit biMike Russell
Majority815 (2.8%)
Member o the Scottish Pairlament
for Highlands and Islands
In office
1 May 2003 – 3 May 2007
Personal details
Born (1947-03-06) 6 Mairch 1947 (age 77)
Locheineuch, Scotland
Poleetical pairtyScots National Pairty
Alma materGlesga Varsity

Jim Mather (born 6 March 1947) is a Scots politeecian, umwhile the Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism an wis a Scots National Party Member o the Scots Pairliament frae 2003 tae 2011. He wis the SNP's Naitional Treasurer fur fower year an haes held sindry non-executive posts an academic roles efter lea'in parliament.

Early life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mather wis born in Locheineuch an wis taucht at Paisley Grammar Schuil an Greenock Heich Schuil afore gaein tae the Glesga Varsity. Afore his election tae Holyrood he wirked as a chartered accountant an haes his ain business.[1]

Poleetical career[eedit | eedit soorce]

He jynt the SNP in 1996 an wis the SNP's Naitional Treasurer frae 2000.

He is creditit wi pittin thegither an gien oot the economic case fur Scos Unthrildom, an taen the airgument tae the media, boardrooms an committee rooms throu Scotland atween 2001 an 2007.

He wis the SNP candidate fur the 2000 Ayr by-election an wis thair candidate fur Argyll an Bute at the 2003 election. That election got hissel electit tae the Scots Pairliament as a regional list memmer fur the Heichlands an Islands. In opposition he wis the SNP's Shadae Enterprise an Economy Meenister.

Mather contestit Argyll an Bute again at the 2007 Scots Pairliament Election an was got in, winnin the seat frae George Lyon o the Scots Leeberal Democrats.

Efter the SNP's victory at the 2007 Scots Pairliament Election, Mather wis gien the role as Meenister fur Enterprise, Energy an Tourism an haudit that post fur 4 year until the end o the 2011 pairliament.

Efter Pairliament[eedit | eedit soorce]

Jim Mather stuid doun as an MSP at the 2011 election.[2]

In 2014, he wis the heid o the Scots Govrenment's Working Together Review, thit wis taskit wi producing a report wi recommends thit wad gie a haun in daein mony mair progressive an collegiate wirkplaces in Scotland. Thon report wis well-received an contreebuted tae the creautin o a Cabinet role thit kivvers Fair Work an a Fair Work Convention.

In Dizember 2014 he wis annooncit tae be heid o the trade body Homes for Scotland (Scots: Hames fur Scotland), umwhile takkin up the three-year pairt-time poseetion in May 2015.[3] He stuid doun bi mutual greement on 12 May 2017.[4]

Mather is a visitin professor wit the Varsitie o Straithclyde an Heriot-Watt Varsity the nou, an daes ither consultancie an speakin roles.

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