James Prescott Joule

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James Prescott Joule
Joule James sitting.jpg
James Joule – pheesicist
Born 24 December 1818(1818-12-24)
Salford, Lancashire, Ingland, UK
Died 11 October 1889(1889-10-11) (aged 70)
Sale, Cheshire, Ingland, UK
Citizenship Breetish
Kent for First law o thermodynamics
Disprovin Caloric Theory
Awairds Ryal Medal (1852)
Copley Medal (1870)
Albert Medal (1880)
Scientific career
Fields Pheesics
Influences John Dalton
John Davies

James Prescott Joule FRS (24 December 1818 – 11 October 1889) wis an Inglis pheesicist an brewer, born in Salford, Lancashire. Joule studied the naitur o heat, an discovered its relationship tae mechanical wirk. This led tae the law o conservation o energy, which led to the development o the first law o thermodynamics. The SI derived unit o energy, the joule, is named efter James Joule. He wirked wi Laird Kelvin tae develop the absolute scale o temperatur the kelvin. Joule an aa made observations o magnetostriction, an he foond the relationship atween the current throu a resistor an the heat dissipatit, which is nou called Joule's first law.