James II o Scotland

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(Reguidit frae James II, Keeng o Scots)
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James II
James II of Scotland 17th century.jpg
Keeng o Scots
Ring 21 Februar 1437 – 3 August 1460
Coronation 25 Mairch 1437
Predecessor James I
Successor James III
Born 16 October 1430(1430-10-16)
Halyruid Aibey
Dee'd 3 August 1460(1460-08-03) (aged 29)
Roxburgh Castle
Buirial Halyruid Aibey
Spouse Mary o Guelders
James III
Alexander, 1st Duke o Albany
Hoose Stewart
Faither James I
Mither Joan Beaufort
Releegion Roman Catholic

James II (Middle Scots: Iames Stewart; 16 October 1430 – 3 August 1460), wha reigned as keeng o Scots frae 1437 on, wis the son o James I an Joan Beaufort. Nothing is kent o his early life, but bi his first birthday his twin an anly brither, Alexander, wha wis an aa the aulder twin, haed died, sicweys makkin James the heir apparent an Duke o Rothesay. Curiously enough, James held na ither teetles while Duke o Rothesay. On 21 Februar 1437, James I wis assassinatit an the sax-year-auld Duke o Rothesay immediately succeedit him as James II.

In 1449, nineteen-year-auld James mairied fifteen-year-auld Mary o Guelders, dauchter o the Duke o Gelderland. She bore him seiven childer, sax o them survived intae adultheid. Subsequently, the relations atween Flanders an Scotland improved. James's nickname, Fiery Face, referred tae a conspicuous vermilion birthmerk on his face that appears tae hae been deemed bi contemporaries an ootwart sign o a fiery temper.[1]

James wis a politic, an seengularly successfu keeng. He wis popular wi the commoners, wi that, lik maist o the Stewarts, he socialised eften, in times o peace an war. His legislation haes a merkitly popular chairacter. He daes nae appear tae hae inheritit his faither's taste for leeteratur, that wis "inheritit" bi at least twa o his sisters; but the foondation o the Varsity o Glesga in his reing, bi Bishop Turnbull, shaws that he encouraged learnin; an thare are an aa traces o his endouments tae St. Salvator's, the new college o Airchbeeshop Kennedy at St Andras. He possessed muckle o his faither's restless energy. Houiver, his murther o the Yerl o Douglas leaves a stain on his ring.[1]

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