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Itchy Coo is a furth setter an eddicational project for tae reintroduce schuilbairns tae the Scots leid. It wis estaiblished in 2002 by Matthew Fitt an James Robertson.

In pairtnerie wi Black & White Publishing, wi initial fondin frae the National Lottery, an syne yearly fondin frae the Scots Airts Cooncil.

Itchy Coo wirks wi pupils, staff, teacher trainin institutes, leebrars, local authorities an naitional organisations for tae promuive Scots athin eddication. Wi fondin frae the Scots Airts Cooncil an local authority eddication depairtments, Itchy Coo haes made naur aboots 1000 veesits tae schuils an leebrars an haes delivered ower 200 in-service trainin sessions in awmaist ivery area o Scotland.

Matthew Fitt an James Robertson hae representit Itchy Coo at the Unitit Nations an Tartan Week in New York. Thay hae providit advisement an information on the Scots leid tae the Scots Govrenment, Council of Europe, British Council, Learning & Teaching Scotland, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education, General Teaching Council, Literature Forum for Scotland an at naitional an internaitional conferences.

Beuks[eedit | eedit soorce]

Itchy Coo haes setten furth mony beuks, some new warks an some owersettens o warks frae the Inglish. Thir include: