The Eejits

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The Eejits (Inglis: The Twits) is a humoursome bairn's beuk written by Roald Dahl an illustrate by Quentin Blake. It wis written in 1979, an first setten furth in Inglis in 1980.

Mr an Mrs Eejit is twa unbraw, hackit, ill-farrant, doitit fowk that spends thair lifes playin nestie cantrips on ilk ither. Thay enjoy bein ill tae ainimals an aw, that thay dae by ticin birds tae glue-smuirt trees sae thay can be beuk intae bird pie, an tarragattin thair pet puggies, Muggle-Wump an his faimily, by gettin thaim tae staund heelster-gowdie, ane atap the ither. Thay hate bairns, an Mrs Eejit aft cairies a staff in her richt haund that she uises for tae hit bairns an ainimals.