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Italian Argentines

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Italian Argentine
Italo Argentino
Italian immigrants tae Argentinae
Tot population

60% o Argentinae's population

Includin whose mixed wi ither ancestries)
Regions wi signeeficant populations
Throuoot Argentinae
Rioplatense Spaingie, Italian an Italian dialects.
Predominantly Roman Catholicism
Relatit ethnic groups
Italians, Italian Brazilian, Italian Chilean, Italian Mexican, Italian American, Italian Uruguayan, Italo-Venezuelans, Italian-Peruvian

An Italian Argentine (Spaingie an Italian: italo-argentino) is a body born in Argentinae o Italian ancestry. It is estimatit up tae 17 million Argentines hae some degree o Italian strynd (up tae 39% o the total population).[1] Italians began arrivin in Argentinae in great nummers frae 1857 tae 1940, totalin 44.9% o the entire immigrant population; mair nor frae ony other country (includin Spain at 31.5%), an this migratory flow continued tae the early 1950s, wi Italy haein the maist emigrants tae Argentinae for the decades 1980–2000 an aw. Acause o this, Italian strynd is at least 60% o the population,[2] almost 25 million.[1][2]

Italian dounset in Argentinae, alang wi Spaingie dounset, formit the backbone o theday's Argentine society. Argentine cultur haes significant connections tae Italian cultur in terms o leid, customs an tradeetions.[3]

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