Inverkeithin Heich Schuil

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Inverkeithin Heich Schuil, itherwise kent as Divit Hie, is a schuil in Inverkeithin, a toun in wast Fife. Aboot 1500 fowk gangs tae Inverkeithin Heich Schuil. Iain Yuile is Rector. It teaches fowk that hails fae Dalgety Bey, Aberdour, Inverkeithin, Rosyth an Hie Valleyfield as weel as some fowk fae the Auld Toun (Dunfermline) an Burntisland.

Coordinates: 56°02′05″N 3°23′30″W / 56.0347453°N 3.3915333°W / 56.0347453; -3.3915333