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Temporal range: Triassicpresent 235–0 Ma[1]
female Netelia sp.
Scientific classification e
Kinrick: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Cless: Insecta
Superorder: Hymenopterida
Order: Hymenoptera
Linnaeus, 1758


The Hymenoptera are ane o the lairgest orders o insects, comprisin the sawflees, wasps, bees an eemocks. Ower 130,000 species are recognized, wi mony mair remainin tae be describit. The name refers tae the wings o the insects, an is derived frae the Ancient Greek ὑμήν (hymen): membrane an πτερόν (pteron): wing. The hind wings are connectit tae the fore wings bi a series o huiks cried hamuli.

Females typically hae a special ovipositor for insertin eggs intae hosts or itherwise inaccessible places. The ovipositor is eften modified intae a stinger. The young develop through complete metamorphosis — that is, thay hae a worm-lik larval stage an an inactive pupal stage afore thay matur (See holometabolism).

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