Horry Coonty, Sooth Carolina

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Horry Coonty, Sooth Carolina
Map of South Carolina highlighting Horry County
Location in the state o Sooth Carolina
Map o the U.S. heichlichtin Sooth Carolina
Sooth Carolina's location in the U.S.
Foondit 1801
Seat Conway
Lairgest ceety Myrtle Beach
 - Total
 - Land
 - Watter

1,255 sq mi (3,250 km²)
1,134 sq mi (2,937 km²)
121 sq mi (313 km²), 9.66%
 - (2012)
 - Density

238/sq mi (91.7/km²)
Wabsteid www.horrycounty.org

Horry Coonty (/ˈɒr/ ORR-ee) is a coonty in the Pee Dee region o the U.S. state o Sooth Carolina. It haed a population o 269,291 at the 2010 census.[1][2] It is locatit on approximately 100 miles north o Charleston, Sooth Carolina an is approximately 150 miles east o the State Caipital, Columbia, Sooth Carolina. The Coonty haes a tot aurie o 1,255 square miles (3,250.4 km2), o which 1,134 square miles (2,937.0 km2) is land an 121 square miles (313.4 km2) (9.66%) is watter. The heichest pynt in the cointy is 124 ft. above sea level.[3]

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