Hoose o Bourbon

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(Reguidit frae Hoose o bourbon)
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Hoose o Bourbon
Grand Royal Coat of Arms of France.svg
Kintra France, Italy, Navarre, Spain, Luxembourg
Parent hoose Capetian Dynasty
Foondit 1268
Foonder Robert, Coont o Clermont, the saxt son o Keeng Louis IX o Fraunce, married Beatrix o Bourbon
Final ruler Fraunce an Navarre: Charles X (1824-1830)
O the French: Louis Philippe I (1830–1848)
Parma: Roberto I (1854–1859)
Twa Sicilies: Francis II (1859–1861)
Current heid Louis Alphonse (Louis XX)
Deposeetion Fraunce an Navarre: 1830: July Revolution
1859: Annexation bi Kinrick o Sardinie
Twa Sicilies: 1861: Italian unification
Ethnicity French, Spainyie, Italian (In Parma an the Twa Sicilies), Luxembourger
Cadet branches

Bourbons o Spain

Hoose o Orléans

The Hoose o Bourbon (Inglis /ˈbʊərbən/; French: [buʁˈbɔ̃]) is a European ryal hoose o French origin, a branch o the Capetian dynasty (/kəˈpʃən/).