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The Honda 70 is a sma fower stroke, sma capacity motorcycle produced syne 1970 bi Honda.

Introduced tae compete against rival twa stroke sma capacity motorcycles, the Honda 70 wis ane o the warld's first fower-stroke, small capacity motorcycles, wi an engine displacement o anly 72 cm³. This motorcycle wis in fact a "Honda C 70" but models frae 1970 tae 1983 wur released an kent as "Honda 70"s, as the logo “Honda 70” [1] appeared on the side covers o the bike.

The Honda 70 is very cheap tae operate wi teepical fuel economy o 40 mile (64 km) per litre. A solit, reliable an a vera practical commuter, this bike affered 50 cm³ economy wi the pouer o a 70 cm³ bike. In Belgium an Brazil this model made Honda vera popular. In Asie, epecially Pakistan, Honda awes its huge success tae this model.

In Pakistan it earned the nickname "Rocket" for its ability tae climb vera steep roads wi considerable loads for its vera sma ingine capacity, whaur rival twa strokes uisually failed. This motorcycle came fittit wi a triangular speedometer[2] wi gear range markins an a maximum calibration o 60 mph (96 km/h), which the bike coud actually reach, providin the rider wi the psychological thrill o watchin the needle pointin at maximum calibration on the speedometer. The claimed tap speed wis 53 mph (85 km/h). The ingine wis constantly upgradit an modified. In 1984 the bike wis released as Honda CD 70.

Specifications[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year o Production
(Released as Honda 70 wi the logo "Honda70"[3] appearin on side covers)19701983
Year o Production
(Released as Honda CD70 wi the logo "C70"appearin on side covers) 1984—Present
72 cm³
4 stroke air cooled single cylinder, single owerheid cam
Breaker pynts (Later Model upgradit tae CDI
6 volts (Later Models upgradit tae 12V)
6.5 PS (4.8 kW) @ 9,500 rpm
:4 speed
Fuel seestem:
2 valves per cylinder
Maximum rotation speed
11,500 rpm
Top Speed
90 km/h (53 mph)
Curb wecht
80 kg