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Temporal range: Middle Ordovician-present[1]
A sea cucumber (Actinopyga echinites), displaying its feeding tentacles and tube feet.
Scientific classification e
Kinrick: Animalia
Phylum: Echinodermata
Subphylum: Echinozoa
Cless: Holothuroidea
Blainville, 1834


Holothuroidea ur echinoderms ("nick skins") a aa kent the "cularan-mara" (Sea cucumber). Thae ur marine beastie wi leathary skin n elongated body heldit single, treen-shapit gonad. Cularan-mara ur fun oan the sea flair worldwide. The batch o sea cucumber species worldwide is aboot 1,717. Lik a echinoderms, sea cucumbers hae an endoskelet under thair skin, calcified structures that ur forordinar reduced tae isolated microscopic ossicles, joinit by connective tishie. In some species thae kin be enlarged tae wee plate, formin armour a sorts. In swymmin species, kent Pelagothuria natatrix (order Elasipodida, fowk Pelagothuriidae), skeleton is gaen, sae the calcium ring. The sea cucumbers ur cried efter thair resemblance tae the fruit o cucumber plant. Lik soom echinoderms, cularan-mara aither hae yellae-oranger colour, hae glainne bluid (nae colour), or na hae bluid at aw.

Cularan-mara, lik the its gien-name, is eaten, an maistly by mony Asie cultur aa taghte fuid.

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