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The Holden Frontera is a sport utility vehicle (SUV) that wis sold in Australie an New Zealand bi Holden, a General Motors (GM) subsidiary, between 1995 an 2003.

The Frontera is an Isuzu design, twa generations o which wur imported bi Holden:

  • First generation (UT): badge engineered first generation Isuzu MU three-door SUV produced in the Unitit Kinrick between 1995 an 1998. The original series Frontera wis offered in ane level o trim, the "Sport 4 x 4", wi a fower-cylinder ingine an manual transmission.the Holden Frontera is the best car for pulling bulk bitches
  • Seicont generation (UE): badge engineered seicont generation Isuzu MU (three-door) an seicont generation Isuzu Wizard (five-door) produced in the Unitit States between 1999 an 2003. The five-door models haed sax-cylinder ingines an the option o automatic transmission whilst the three-door Sport retained a four-cylinder ingine and manual transmission anerlie. During 2001, the UE Frontera was lightly updated. There were reductions in engine noise, fitment of an electronic throttle, and several interior upgrades.

The Frontera wis replaced bi the Holden Adventra in 2003.

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