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Holden Frontera

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The Holden Frontera is a sport utility vehicle (SUV) that wis selt in Australie an New Zealand bi Holden, a General Motors (GM) subsidiary, atween 1995 an 2003.

The Frontera is an Isuzu design, twa generations o which wur imported bi Holden:

  • First generation (UT): badge engineered first generation Isuzu MU three-door SUV produced in the Unitit Kinrick atween 1995 an 1998. The original series Frontera wis offered in ane level o trim, the "Sport 4 x 4", wi a fower-cylinder ingine an manual transmission.
  • Seicont generation (UE): badge engineered seicont generation Isuzu MU (three-door) an seicont generation Isuzu Wizard (five-door) produced in the Unitit States atween 1999 an 2003. The five-door models haed sax cylinder engines an the option o automatic transmission whilst the three-door Sport retained a fower cylinder ingine an manual transmission anerlie. During 2001, the UE Frontera wis lightly updated. Thare war reductions in ingine noise, fitment o an electronic throttle, an several interior upgrades.

The Frontera wis replaced bi the Holden Adventra in 2003


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