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Heysham nuclear pouer station

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Heysham nuclear power station
Heysham 1 & 2
LocationHeysham, Lancashire
Coordinates54°1′44″N 2°54′58″W / 54.02889°N 2.91611°W / 54.02889; -2.91611Coordinates: 54°1′44″N 2°54′58″W / 54.02889°N 2.91611°W / 54.02889; -2.91611
Commission date1989
Operator(s)EDF Energy
Pouer generation
Nameplate capacity(1150+1250) MW
grid reference SD4000459632

Heysham Nuclear Pouer Station is a nuclear pouer station locatit in Heysham, Lancashire, Ingland, operated bi EDF Energy. The site is dividit intae twa separately-managed stations, Heysham 1 an Heysham 2, baith wi twa reactors o the Advanced Gas-cuiled Reactor (AGR) type.

On 18 October 2010, the Breetish govrenment annoonced that Heysham wis ane o the aicht sites it considered suitable for future nuclear pouer stations [1] but it wis nae on the final leet o sax.

On 1 August 2016, Heysham 2's Unit 8 broke the warld record for langest conteenous operation o a nuclear generator wioot a shutdown. This record-breaking run exceeds the previous record o 894 days set bi Pickering Nuclear Generating Station's Unit 7 (Lake Ontario, Canadae) in 1994.[2] The reactor haes generated 13.5 TWh o electricity sae far durin this conteenous operation, takin its lifetime generation tae 115.46 TWh.

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