Herbert Kroemer

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Herbert Kroemer
Herbert Kroemer in 2008
Born25 August 1928(1928-08-25)
Weimar, Germany
Dee'd8 Mairch 2024 (aged 95)
ResidenceUnited States
Unitit States
Alma materVarsity o Jena
Varsity o Göttingen
Kent forDrift-field transistor
Dooble-heterostructur laser
AwairdsJ J Ebers Awaird (1973)
Nobel Prize in Physics (2000)
IEEE Medal o Honour[1](2002)
Scientific career
FieldsElectrical Ingineerin, Applee'd Physics
InstitutionsFernmeldetechnisches Zentralamt
RCA Laboratories
Varian Associates
Varsity o Colorado
Varsity o Californie, Santa Barbara
Doctoral advisorFritz Sauter
Doctoral studentsWilliam Frensley
InfluencesFriedrich Hund
Fritz Houtermans

Herbert Kroemer (born August 25, 1928; deed Mairch 8, 2024), a professor o electrical an computer ingineerin at the Varsity o Californie, Santa Barbara, received his Ph.D. in theoretical physics in 1952 frae the Varsity o Göttingen, Germany, wi a dissertation on het electron effects in the then-new transistor, settin the stage for a career in resairch on the physics o semiconductor devices.

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