Herbert Kitchener

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The Earl Kitchener
Horatio Herbert Kitchener.jpg
Birth name Horatio Herbert Kitchener
Born 24 June 1850
Ballylongford, Coonty Kerry, Ireland
Dee'd 5 Juin 1916(1916-06-05) (aged 65)
HMS Hampshire, sunk wast o the Orkney Islands, Scotland
Allegiance  Unitit Kinrick
Service/branch Flag of the British Army.svg Breetish Airmy
Years o service 1871–1916
Rank Field Marshal
Commands held Mahdist War (1884–1899)
Seicont Boer War (1900–1902)
Commander-in-Chief, Indie (1902–1909)

Franco-Prussian War
Mahdist War:

Seicont Boer War:

First Warld War
Awairds Knight o the Garter
Knight o the Order o St Patrick
Knight Grand Cross o the Order o the Bath
Member o the Order o Merit
Knight Grand Commander o the Order o the Star o Indie
Knight Grand Cross o the Order o St Michael an St George
Knight Grand Commander o the Order o the Indian Empire
Relations Henry Kitchener, 2nt Earl Kitchener
Sir Frederick Walter Kitchener
Ither wirk Breetish Consul-General in Egyp (1911–1914)
Secretary o State for War, Unitit Kinrick (1914–1916)

(24 Juin 1850 – 5 Juin 1916) wis a Breetish general. born in Ballylongford, Ireland. He wis sent tae Swisserland tae gang tae militar heich skale at age 13. At age 20 he enlistit in th' French airmy as a mercenary durin' th' Franco-Prussian War. he eventually becam th' Breetish sirdar (ur commander-in-chief) ay th' Egyptian airmy an' later wis commander ay Breetain's forces in th' Boer wWar. In th' First Warld War he ran th' war ministry. Kitchener wis murthured in a ship mishanter in 1916. Some believed that th' Roushie communists murthured him.