Heath Ledger

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Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger (Berlin Film Festival 2006) revised.jpg
Heath Ledger at Berlin Film Festival in 2006
Born Heathcliff Andrew Ledger
Residence New York City
Naitionality Australian
Ethnicity White
Televeesion Sweat
Home and Away
Pairtner(s) Michelle Williams (2005-07)
Childer Matilda Ledger
Parents Kim Ledger
Sally (née Ramshaw)
Awairds See Awards and nominations

Heathcliff Andrew Ledger (April 4, 1979 – January 22, 2008) wis an Academy Awaird-winnin Australian actor. After appearin on televeesion durin the 1990s, Ledger began workin in Hollywood movies. He starrit in many movies, including The Patriot, Monster's Ball, an Brokeback Mountain. He playit The Joker in The Dark Knight. Ledger de'ed in New York Ceety on Januar 22, 2008[1][2] frae an accidental intoxication frae prescription drogs.[3][4][5]

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