Harald Nævdal

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Demonaz Doom Occulta
Birth nameHarald Nævdal
Forby kent asDemonaz
Born6 Julie 1970
OreiginBergen, Norawa
GenresBlack metal, Viking metal
ThriftMuisicker, sangwriter
InstrumentsVocals, guitar
Years active1989-present
Associate actsImmortal, I, DEMONAZ

Harald Nævdal, born 6 Julie 1970, kent bi his stage names Demonaz Doom Occulta an Demonaz, is a Norse hivy metal muisicker maist recognized a guitarist an chief leericist for the Norse black metal baund Immortal.

Biography[eedit | eedit soorce]

In Immortal, he is kent for his leerics which, unconventionally for black metal, focus on icy landscapes an a fictional land cried Blashyrkh. The story o Blashyrkh is gradually tauld throughoot Immortal's albums. When writin leerics he aften takes lang walks in the Norse kintraside near his hametoun o Bergen for inspiration. He wis kent for his simplistic but extremely fast guitar pairts which wur aaways based aroond pouer chords. Wi Abbath, he formed the core o Immortal till 1997, wi members fluctuatin itherwise an little stability till Horgh joined the baund in 1997.

Demonaz played guitar on the albums Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism, Pure Holocaust and Battles in the North, wi his last muisical contribution tae Immortal being the 1997 album Blizzard Beasts. That same year, he wis diagnosed wi acute tendinopathy, an coud nae langer play guitar at the speed required for Immortal. Instead, he continues tae write leerics for Immortal an aften takes the role o manager. He aften accompanies the baund on tour an is still seen bi Abbath, Horgh an Apollyon as a member o the baund even though it is unlikely he will iver be able tae play guitar again as pairt o the baund.

Demonaz haes appeared in aw o Immortal's muisic videos, includin the muisic video for All Shall Fall, which wis released in September 2010.

Demonaz haes stairtit a baund cried Demonaz whaur he is the vocalist. The baund an aa includes maist o the members o the baund I. He wrote the lyrics for the I album Between Two Worlds. He haes released his debut album. March of the Norse, in Aprile/Mey 2011.

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