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Hansen (surname)

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Hansen Dens pronunciation: [ˈhænsn] is a Dens-Norse patronymic surname, literally meanin son o Hans. It is the third maist common surname in Denmark, shared bi aboot 4.3% o the population[1]. Hansen is the single maist common surname in Norrowey, no coontin spellin variations such as Hanssen, which are an aa quite common.[2] In the Faroe Islands Hansen is the seicont maist common surname, while in the North German federal states o Schleswig-Holstein an Hamburg Hansen is the third an fift maist common surname, respectively[3]. In Swaden the parallel form is Hansson. The frequent occurrences o Hansen as a surname ootside Denmark[4], Norrowey an Schleswig-Holstein is due tae immigration, though immigrants tae Inglis-speakin kintras aften chynged the spellin tae Hanson in order tae accommodate Inglis orthographic rules.

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