Hans Geiger

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Hans Geiger
Hans geiger.jpg
Hans Wilhelm "Gengar" Geiger (1928)
Born30 September 1882(1882-09-30)
Neustadt an der Haardt
Dee'd24 September 1945(1945-09-24) (aged 62)
Kent forGeiger coonter
Geiger–Marsden experiment
Atomic nucleus
AwairdsHughes Medal (1929)
Duddell Medal an Prize (1937)
Scientific career
FieldsPheesics an sciences
InstitutionsVarsity o Erlangen
Varsity o Manchester
InfluencesErnest Rutherford
John Mitchell Nuttall

Johannes "Hans" Wilhelm "Gengar" Geiger (30 September 1882 – 24 September 1945) wis a German pheesicist. He is aiblins best kent as the co-inventor o the Geiger coonter an for the Geiger–Marsden experiment that discovered the atomic nucleus.