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Haggis displayed for sale
Associatit naitional cuisineScotland
Main ingredientsSheep's hert, liver and lichts, an painch (or sassenger casing); ingan, aitmael, shuet, spices
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Haggis is a tradeetional Scots dish. It is a wechtie pudden tradeetionally served wi chappit neeps an tatties.

Altho the'r monie recipes, some uisin deer emmledeug, for ordinar it's makkit wi the follaein ingredients: sheep's hert, liver, an lichts, minced wi ingan, aitmael, shuet, spices, an saut, mixt wi bree an tradeetionally byled in the beast's painch for several hoors.[1] [2]It is amang the maist muckle kinds o sassenger. The'r receipts athoot maet an aa, speceifically for vegetarians, that tastes gey seimilar tae the maet-based receipts.

In some weys, the nor-aestren US dish scrapple is lik haggis, but haggis differs in the follaein weys: it uises sheep emmledeug insteid o swine emmledeug an aitmael insteid o cornmael (maize); it is a sassenger raither nor a maet laif; an it is byled insteid o bein bakkit. Acause o this, the leuk an the gust differs seegnificant.

History an popularity[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tradeetional Burns supper haggis, neeps an tatties

Haggis is tradeitionally sert wi the Burns supper on 25t Januar, whan Scotland's naitional poet, Robert Burns, is commemorate.[3]

He wrate the poem Address tae a Haggis, stertin "Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o' the puddin-race! Aboon them a' ye tak your place...."[4] In Burns' lifetime haggis wis a popular dish for the puir, syne it made uiss o pairts o a sheep that wad ithergates hae been wastit. It is servit wi neeps an tatties for a tradeetional Burns supper.[3]

Haggis is widely available in supermercats in Scotland the hail year aboot, an the cheaper brands is for ordinar stappit intae artifeicial casins, raither nor painches, juist lik the cheaper brands o sassengers isna stappit intae ainimal thairms ony mair. Whiles it is selt in tins, an ye juist microwave it or uin-bak it. Some supermercat haggis is maistlie made frae swine's, raither nor sheep's, emmledeug. Forby, aamaist aa Scots fish an chips shops will sell thair customers a haggis supper, a smaa aesome portion o haggis doukit intae batter an deep fried wi chips; it gies a het, fillin, hie-energy mael for a cauld winter's day.

Variants[eedit | eedit soorce]

The'r fast-fuid shops that sells haggis burgers an aa, a patty o fried haggis on a bap. An thare vegetarian an curry variants that been makkit an aw.[5]

Orra facts an popular cultur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Syne monie kintras' fuid saufty laws ootlaws some o the ingredients in haggis (for examplar, Unitit States law forbids the sale o onie ainimal's lichts for human consumption) but this is aboot tae chynge.[6] It wis said expatriate Scots an Scots descendants owerseas haes been kent tae engage in haggis smugglin for tae obtein richt Scots haggis.[citation needit]

Haggis is a funny subject for monie fowk. Thaim that speirs at a Scotsman for wittins aboot is rarely gien a straucht anser. A common "anser" tae the speir "Whit is a haggis?" aften gaes lik this: "A haggis is a smaa fower-leggit Scots Hieland craitur that haes its lims on the tae side shorter nor the tither. This means that it is weel adaptit tae rinnin aboot the braes at a steady altitude, athoot aither gaun up or doun. Houaniver a haggis can be eith keppit bi rinnin aboot the brae conter gates." (See wild haggis.) Surpreisinly the humorous myth is believed bi monie tourists; syne thay are scunnert tae hear the trowth.

Forby thon haggis is uised in a sport cryed haggis hurlin, thrawin a haggis sae faur as possible.[7]

The Warld Record for Haggis Hurlin haes been hauden bi Alan Pettigrew for mair nor 18 year. He threw a 1 lb 8 oz haggis a stoondin 180 feet 10 inch on the island o Inchmurrin on Loch Lomond in Augist 1984.[7]

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