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Leber Schaf.jpg
Liver o a sheep: (1) richt lobe, (2) left lobe, (3) caudate lobe, (4) quadrate lobe, (5) hepatic artery an portal vein, (6) hepatic lymph nodes, (7) gall bladder.
Surface projections of the organs of the trunk.png
Surface projections o the organs o the trunk, shawin liver in center
SystemDigestive system
Arteryhepatic artery
VeinHepatic vein an hepatic portal vein
NerveCeliac ganglia an vagus nerve[1]
Anatomical terminology
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The liver is a vital organ o the digeestive seestem present in vertebrates an some ither ainimals. It haes a wide range o functions, includin detoxification, protein synthesis, an production o biochemicals necessary for digestion. The liver is necessary for survival; thare is currently na wey tae compensate for the absence o liver function in the lang term, awtho new liver dialysis techniques can be uised in the short term.

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