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Haakon IV o Norawa

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Haakon IV
Haakon's seal, frae a 1247/48 letter (wi reverse). The seal itsel wis gien tae Haakon as a gift frae Henry III o Ingland in 1236.[1]
Keeng o Norawa
RingJuin 1217 – 16 December 1263
Coronation29 Julie 1247 (Bergen)
PredecessorInge II
SuccessorMagnus VI
Junior keengsHaakon the Young (1240–57)
Magnus VI (1257–63)
Bornc. Mairch/Apryle 1204
Folkenborg, Norawa
Dee'd16 December 1263(1263-12-16) (aged 59)
Kirkwa, Orkney
BuirialSt Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwa (till 1264), Auld Cathedral o Bergen (destroyed in 1531)
SpouseMargrete Skulesdotter
amang ithers...
Haakon the Young
Christina, Infanta of Castile
Magnus VI o Norawa
FaitherHaakon III o Norawa
MitherInga o Varteig
ReleegionRoman Catholicism

Haakon Haakonsson (c. Mairch/Apryle 1204 – 16 December 1263) (Auld Norse: Hákon Hákonarson; Norse: Håkon Håkonsson), whiles cried Haakon the Auld in contrast tae his son wi the same name, an kent in modren regnal leets as Haakon IV, wis the Keeng o Norawa frae 1217 tae 1263. His ring lastit for 46 years, langer nor ony Norse king syne Harald I.[2]

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