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Great Pyrenees

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Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Common eik-namesPyr, Great Pyrenees
Clessification / staundarts
FCI Group 1, Section 1 Sheepdogs #39 staundart
AKC Herding staundart
ANKC Group 5 (Working Dogs) staundart
CKC Group 7 - Herding Dogs staundart
KC (UK) Pastoral staundart
NZKC Working staundart
UKC Herding Dog Breeds staundart
Domestic dug (Canis lupus familiaris)

The Pyrenean muntain dug is a keltie herdin dug breed, springheidin in the Pyrenees Mountains. Pyrs perform mony divers roles for fowk, sic as pullin laids and pertection.

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