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Great Fire o Lunnon

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The Great Fire o Lunnon bi an unkent penter, depictin the fire as it wad hae appeared on the evenin o Tysday, 4 September 1666 frae a boat in the vicinity o Touer Wharf. The Touer o Lunnon is on the richt an Lunnon Brig on the left, wi St Paul's Cathedral in the distance, surroondit bi the tawest flams.

The Great Fire o Lunnon wis a major fire that soopit throu the central pairts o the Inglis ceety o Lunnon frae Sunday, 2 September tae Wadensday, 5 September 1666.[1] The fire guttit the medieval Ceety o Lunnon inside the auld Roman ceety waw.

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  1. Aw dates are gien accordin tae the Julian calendar. Note that, when recordin Breetish history, it is uisual tae uise the dates recordit at the time o the event. Ony dates atween 1 Januar an 25 Mairch hae thair year adjuistit tae stairt on 1 Januar accordin tae the New Style.

Coordinates: 51°30′57″N 0°05′32″W / 51.5157°N 0.0921°W / 51.5157; -0.0921