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Gothic F.C.

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Gothic F.C. wis a fitbaw club frae Norwich, Ingland. They wur members o the Eastren Coonties League atween 1963 an 1978.


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The club wis the works team o Laurence, Scott an Electromotors. The company's main factory wis located next to Norwich Ceety's Carrow Road grund an wis kent as the Gothic Works, frae which the team took its name. They began entering the FA Cup at the end o World War II, an almost reached the first round in their first season, losing their fowert qualifying round tie to Colchester Unitit. In 1963 they joined the Eastren Coonties League. Initially a mid-table side, frae 1972 onwards the club struggled, finishing bottom in 1974-75. They withdrew frae the league in 1978 an later folded.

Their Heartsease Lane grund wis taken over bi Norwich Unitit in 1985, who later moved to Plantation Park.

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