Glesgae Rhymin Slang

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Glesgae Rhymin Slang is the kynd o rhymin slang peculiar tae Glesgae an the ither urban areas round aboot it. As wi aw ither rhymin slang, it juist subsitutes a wird or phrase for anither ane that rhymes wi it - an can aften become raither convoluitit as wirds frae the slang that disna rhyme wi the substitutit wird become uissed raither nor the fou phrase eg. "Paraffin ile" (fer "style") coud be said as "Paraffin", juist - as in "Ye'v nae parrafin." Whiles this can mak the phrase a tait obscure an teuch tae follae the meanin o, an that's aften pairt o the fun o it - feegurin oot whit's meant bi wirds that kythes in sentences wi nae appearant connection tae the lave o the sentence.

Ensamples o Glescae Rhymin Slang[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Bertie Auld (Cauld)
  • Cabbitch an Ribs (Hibernian, Hibs)
  • Cabbitch an Beef (Deif)
  • Chorus an Verse (Airse)
  • Collie Dug (Mug)
  • Cream puff (Huff)
  • Hampden roar (Score)
  • Jam Tairts (Herts)
  • Joe Baxi (Taxi)
  • Malcolm (Malkie) Fraser (Razor)
  • Nat King Cole (Hole)
  • Oscar Slater (Later)
  • Pan Breid (Deid)
  • Plates o Meat (Feet)
  • Radio rental (Mental)
  • Scooby Doo/Scooby (Clue)
  • Tin Fluit (Suit)
  • Wine grape (Pape)
  • Stevie Gemmell (Lost ma Keys)

See Scots slang an aw.