Giorgia Gueglio

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Giorgia Gueglio
Giorgia Gueglio on the stage (Genova,June 2009)
Background information
GenresHaurd rock, Hivy metal
Years active1998 - present
LabelsLion Music
Associate actsMastercastle,
Wabsteid/ Offeecial myspace

Giorgia Gueglio is an Italian sangster-sangwriter, an the co-foonder o the hivy metal baund Mastercastle.

Biography[eedit | eedit soorce]

She stairtit singin frae 1990, follaein his passion for sangsters like David Coverdale, Robert Plant, an Ian Gillan.

Frae 1994 she entered mony hard rock and heavy metal bands. In 2001 she wis contactit for a collaboration bi Necrodeath. On 2004 she entered the gothic metal project called “Artisluna”, featurin the drummer Mattia stancioiu (first Labyrinth drummer) as producer an aw, an the guitar player Pier Gonella (an aw Labyrinth, Necrodeath, Mastercastle. On 2008 She foondit the baund Mastercastle thegither wi Pier Gonella. Wi this baund she published the album “The Phoenix” in 2009 an the album “Last Desire” on 2010, baith unner Lion Music label

She recordit the voice o the sang Queen of Desire (onyric version), includit on their album The Age of Fear, released on 26 Mey 2011 unner the Scarlet Records label.

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