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Mastercastle baund
Background information
Oreigin Italy
Genres Hivy metal
Neo-classical metal
Pouer metal
Years active 2008 - present
Labels Lion Music
Associate acts Giorgia Gueglio
Pier Gonella
Wabsteid Mastercastle official myspace site
Members Giorgia Gueglio
Pier Gonella
Steve Vawamas
Alessandro Bissa Bix

Mastercastle is a Hivy metal - pouer metal baund frae Italy.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Mastercastle's story stairts in 2008.
They signed tae Lion Music, a record label frae Finland, in 2008, an the neist year pit oot their first album,The Phoenix.
Co-foonders an componers Pier Gonella an Giorgia Gueglio creautit a new soond wi this album, that jyned thegither female vocal wi pouer metal.
They set tae recordin their second album, cryed Last Desire in 2010.

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