Gerolamo Cardano

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Gerolamo Cardano
Jerôme Cardan.jpg
Gerolamo Cardano
Born24 September 1501(1501-09-24)
Died21 September 1576(1576-09-21) (aged 74)
Alma materVarsity o Pavia
Kent forAlgebra
Scientific career

Gerolamo (or Girolamo, or Geronimo) Cardano (French: Jérôme Cardan; Laitin: Hieronymus Cardanus; 24 September 1501 – 21 September 1576) wis an Italian Renaissance mathematician, physeecian, astrologer an gambler.[1] He wrote mair nor 200 wirks on medicine, mathematics, pheesics, filosofie, releegion, an muisic.[2] His gambling led him tae formulate elementary rules in probability, makin him ane o the foonders o the field.

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