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Georgie mafia

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Georgie mafia
ქართული მაფია
Kartuli mafia
Foondin locationGeorgie
TerritoryEurope, Roushie an aw ither post-Soviet states.
EthnicityGeorgies, Roushies, Armenies
Creeminal activitiesAirms trokin, Assassination, Assault, Auto theft, Bank fraud, Bankruptcy, Blackmailing, Bribery, Car bombing, Contract killing, Drog trokin, Extortion, Fraud, Human trokin, Infiltration o Politics, Illegal gamblin, Insurance fraud, Kidnappin, Money launderin, Murther, Polis corruption, Poleetical corruption, Protection racket, Racketeerin, Tax evasion, Theft, Witness intimidation, Witness tamperin.

Georgie mafia (Georgie: ქართული მაფია) is regardit as ane o the biggest, pouerful an influential creeminal netwirk in Europe, which haes producit the biggest nummer o "thieves in law" in aw umwhile USSR kintras an controls an regulates maist o the Roushie-speakin mafia groups.

A major creeminal group based in Roushie is the Georgie mafia.[1]

Georgie mafia is kent as ane o the best organisit an maist ruthless creeminal groups.[2]

Georgie mafia is vera "structured" an "hierarchical".

Georgie mafia haes twa major creeminal clans:[3][4]

Georgie creeminal groups are active throuoot the umwhile Soviet Union an Europe.


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